Idea Competition

Every year we host an Idea Competition in which students can pitch their business ideas in front of judges for the chance to win cash prizes and help starting their ideas. This year we will be giving away $6000 in cash prizes to help students turn their ideas into reality. So don’t just sit there – apply! Applications are available here. Fill out by Friday, February 13th to be considered in the competition.


WHEN: Friday, February 20th, 4:45pm-7pm

WHERE: Scot Center Governance Room

**Dinner will be provided to all applicants and attendees.**

CATEGORIES: 1) for-profit product or service 2) non-profit product or service 3) web based or app

Questions/Comments or want to get involved: contact Aidan Conley at

Last years Idea Competition brought over 70 spectators and 16 competitors. This year we will serve dinner to all attendees and participants.