The purpose of Launch is to promote interest in entrepreneurship and support the implementation of ideas among the student body of the College of Wooster and other members of the Wooster community. The club also supports activities sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurship to educate the Wooster community on entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.

The club is named “Launch” in order to inspire students to take action and launch something…… whether its products, technology, services, etc, we want to encourage the campus to make the leap!

Launch was created to inspire, aid and support student’s entrepreneurial endeavors.

We believe that college can be more than just a time to think up new ideas, it can be the perfect time to implement those ideas as well. Launch has taken it upon itself to encourage students at the College of Wooster to be innovative, creative, and action oriented. We want to students to realize that they have the ability and the resources available to turn ideas into full-fledged, sustainable businesses.